Ongoing work in the server room at Trieste 13.09.2020

One of the most important lessons we have learned over the past few years in Trieste is that storage space is never enough when you work with -omic data! Raw sequencing data, mapping, assembly and annotation data often usually end up taking several hundred Gb disk space, even for relatively small projects.
On a very hot day in mid-August, a new data storage unit Dell PowerVault MD3060e has been finally delivered at the Department of Life Sciences in Trieste. We are currently working on the installation of this unit in the server room, which is not just requiring technical skills, but also a good amount of physical exercise for the PhD students who kindly provided their help (this “beast”, with a full set of hard drives, weights almost 100 Kg!).
This resource will allow us to safely manage the large amount of sequence data we expect to produce during the next few years and enable the creation of periodic backups.  We are setting everything up for the transfer of the data produced in the first sequencing rounds carried out in Firenze for the Marsican bear and Hipparchia sbordoni and we can’t wait to start working on this amazing project!

Setting up the new data storage unit in Trieste

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