The Hipparchia sbordonii transcriptome is done! 21.01.2021

Following the RNA extraction from the whole body of a single individual carried out in November 2020, the year 2021 brought as a gift the raw sequencing data of the Ponza grayling. The 300 million reads (150 base pairs each), obtained through a round of paired-end sequencing on an Illumina NovaSeq platform, have been de novo assembled at the University of Trieste using three different algorithms (called Trinity, SPAdes and TransAbyss). The outputs were combined in a single non-redundant consensus using the Oyster River Protocol pipeline.
The first preliminary analysis of this resource indicates a high level of quality. In fact, more than 85% of the single-copy genes that we expect to find in an arthropod are complete (technically, full length transcripts) in our Hipparchia sbordonii transcriptome.
This data will allow to us to annotate the upcoming Ponza grayling genome, i.e., for example, to locate the genes in the genome, to identify with precision alternatively forms (transcripts) of the same gene and to find functional DNA sequences that are not translated into proteins.

Frozen Hipparchia sbordonii sample

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