Where are we now? Part 6 – Outreach

Our outreach activities have continued at full speed in the last months. Our journey full of scientific and dissemination efforts, challenges and successes have been constantly posted in this blog, Twitter and Instagram. An English and Italian glossary of relevant terms in evolutionary biology and conservation genetics has been created to help non-experts to better understand our and similar studies. Likewise, we published the Italian Wikipedia page on conservation genomics and the page on the ENDEMIXIT project is in preparation. An animated video describing the ENDEMIXIT project and how genomics can help preserving biodiversity has just been released in YouTube. We are working on the English version of this video, which will be posted soon. Several local and national newspapers and magazines described the project (see Read More section), and we engaged in webinars describing our goals and the goals of conservation genomics in general. We have not limited ourselves to media but developed a dissemination project with secondary schools in the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise too (details in the post: Spreading the word: genetics and conservation in secondary schools in Abruzzo) to contribute to educate citizens and future generations on biodiversity conservation. Please continue to follow us!

Overview of the ENDEMIXIT project and our YouTube video.

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