The fish room for the Adriatic sturgeons rearing is ready! 07.08.2020

Part of the Endemixit project at the University of Padova unit involves in vivo fitness studies of twelve outbred and inbred crosses of Adriatic sturgeon (Acipenser naccarii). For this reason, we set up a specific fish room which will allow us to rear the offspring resulting from our crosses. The room is provided with mechanical and chemical (activated carbon) filtering, and the right level of water oxygenation will be maintained through a system of air pumps. The temperature is another important factor in sturgeons’ maintenance. It will be set at 16°C during eggs’ incubation and then at 17-19°C after the hatch.
The room has a total of 45 tanks which will allow us to split each of the twelve stocks into two different tanks, with a surplus of space useful for selecting and separating the individuals during the fitness experiments.

Adriatic sturgeon fish room at the University of Padova

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