Breeding Adriatic sturgeons 14.08.2020

On a extremely hot day of June we went to the aquaculture plant ‘Storione Ticino’ in order to obtain eggs fertilized by different combinations of six pairs of siblings previously chosen through parental analyses, paired to produce six inbred and six outbred lineages.
This aquaculture plant, located within the area of the natural park ‘Valle del Ticino’, is an important resource for the conservation of the Adriatic sturgeons since here are kept the last individuals of wild origin. The individuals chose for the reproductions were induced to release the gametes through hormonal stimulation and then the crosses were performed by the expert personnel of the aquaculture plant, following our indications.
It was a very busy day but at the end of it we were able to come back to University of Padua with ours twelve eggs’ batches!

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