The activities of Endemixit presented at the 81st national congress of the Italian Zoological Society 10.11.2022

The 81st congress of the Italian Zoological Society (UZI) was held between September 20th and 23rd, with several members of the team of the University of Trieste, where the congress took place being actively involved in the organizing committee. One of the three thematic symposia, entitled “Monitoring of biodiversity”, gave us the opportunity to highlight the scientific activities of Endemixit to the national community of zoologists, which include a significant number of people actively involved in conservation biology and in the study of endemic species.

The main aims and scope of the project, together with the activities carried out on field, in the laboratory and using computational approaches, have been explained to the audience during an oral presentation, which was focused in particular on the Ponza grayling. Indeed, together with the Marsican bear and the Aeolian lizard, Hipparchia sbordonii is one of the target species of our project is at a more advanced stage and the genome assembly, finishing and annotation have been jointly performed by several students and young researchers from Trieste, Ferrara and Ancona, which were all listed as co-authors of the presentation.

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