Endemixit in the primary school! 1.07.2022

Communication and dissemination are an important goal of the ENDEMIXIT project. We organized a teaching activity suitable for primary school pupils, and we enjoyed offering it to two fourth-grade classes in Ferrara. The session lasted about two hours and was structured in three parts. Initially, we provided the students with a presentation of the ENDEMIXIT project, the five endemic species involved (Ursus arctos marsicanus, Podarcis raffonei, Hipparchia sbordonii, Acipenser naccarii, Bombina pachypus) and we explained what it means for a species to be endangered. After that, the pupils worked in groups to build the “identity card” of each of the five species. In this way they learned more about the biology and the behavior, and, importantly, about the threats that make them at risk of extinction. Finally, we “opened the discussion”, kids were allowed to ask questions and we additionally clarified the concepts mentioned earlier.  All of us, teachers and pupils, liked the activity very much.

We believe that even in only a couple of hours the children can understand the importance of stopping the biodiversity loss and prevent the extinction of species and populations. And showing as examples a few species living close to them certainly favour their engagement in biodiversity protection.

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